How to get your products on television

How to Get Your Products Endorsed by a Celeb or on Television or Film

Have you ever noticed your favorite products used in films or on a television show?   They aren't there by accident! This process is commonly known as product placement.

Usually placing a product in a movie or TV show is done in exchange for a significant payment, or commitment to finance a portion of the movie or TV show.  However, there is another way to get your products featured without paying a huge price.

Very often, celebrities and publicists will agree to use, review, or endorse a product through nothing more than providing a free sample or a gift. 

The key to success is finding the right people to contact.  You can find the right celebrity manager, agent, and publicist contacts by subscribing or for a small monthly fee.

Blogger Placement

If you’re in the fashion, beauty, health/wellness or another related industry, bloggers can be more influential than magazine editors and celebrities, which is good for you.

Bloggers are generally more approachable and accessible than magazine editors and celebrities.

If you approach a blogger and they like what you offer, then they will probably share your products with their readers and followers. You'll probably just have to send a sample. And if you connect with the right blogger, they could send a huge amount of traffic to your site and bring you instant sales.