Top Home Office Decluttering Hacks

When was the last time you saw your desktop?

If you're drowning in piles of paper and files, try some of these simple tips to get your home office clean and keep it that way. (Hint: they're easy and not time-consuming).

1). Start from scratch.  If you have mountains of clutter on your desk and placed throughout the rest of your office, set aside at least an hour to clear out everything, and then only add the items that you use and need.

2). It's so easy to get sidetracked and not put things back after you use them throughout the day. But it'll make things a lot easier if you can get into the habit of putting everything in its place after you're done using it or at the end of the day.

3). Schedule reminders for yourself to dust your phone, computer monitor, printer, keyboard, and telephone. You'll also want to keep disinfectant wipes within reach so you can wipe down your workspace regularly.

4). Cut down on paper usage by keeping all of your files on an external hard drive or on the cloud. Scan important business documents and cards.

5). Move all your photos and videos to the cloud. I use Dropbox which is free and is easily accessible from any computer, tablet, or smart phone.

6). Try to avoid saving all of your files to your desktop. Try to keep them filed away in the appropriate folders and backed up on the cloud.

7). Remove all personal items from your desktop except for one or two pictures. Maybe hang a picture over your desk or a cool piece of art to add some decor.

8). It sounds so obvious, but get a filing cabinet for your financial information. Keep bank statements in one folder, receipts in another, etc., so you know where all of your important financial info is.

What are some of your favorite home decluttering hacks?