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Q&A with Beauty Maven & Entrepreneur, Geraldine Pierre

Geraldine Pierre


Last week, I sat down with Australian beauty expert and entrepreneur, Geraldine Pierre of Geraldine Pierre Skincare, and here's what she had to say about her entrepreneurial journey.

1). Please tell our readers about your background. 

I was in the corporate world for about 14 years and primarily held quality assurance, compliance, and auditing roles. As enjoyable as the work was, I felt I was living two different lives - the "work" me and the "outside work" me.

After taking some time to do further study, I decided to launch Geraldine Pierre Skin Care, a skin care business in Australia and have never looked back.

2). Why did you start your business? 

It broke my heart and actually still breaks my heart to see such a narrowly-defined notion of beauty portrayed in society and see anything that sits outside this arbitrary standard quickly stomped upon.

My vision for Geraldine Pierre Skin Care is to inspire women to age gracefully, define beauty on their own terms, and feel comfortable and confident expressing their true selves. The Pierre in Geraldine Pierre Skin Care is my adopted Poodle who is our mascot for unconditional love. Animals have a wonderful way of showing us how to live in the present, love without judgment, and stay true to our values.

My skin care products are certified cruelty-free and vegan, and intentionally crafted to work in harmony with your skin's natural functions and provide you with a clean slate to start creating your own version of beauty. 

3. What market does your business serve? 

Women who love animals and nature, are frustrated by all the unrealistic mainstream beauty messages and love their age "marks."

4). What's the largest challenge you've encountered as a business owner? 

Underestimating how important it is to work on your mindset and consciously taking steps to improve my physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. (I came from the corporate world, after all)!

5). What's your best piece of business advice? 

The answer is always no if you don't ask..and "no" is not the worst answer you can receive.

6). How do you like to relax? 

Spending time with animals and in nature, yoga, meditation, and gardening.

Connect with Geraldine at Geraldine Pierre and on Facebook