Publicity Jumpstart is now Available

PR is often a mystery to entrepreneurs. They don't know how the media works, how to draft a compelling pitch, or follow up after sending a pitch. 

To help make the PR process easy for any entrepreneur, branding expert and founder of Michelle Lewis, and I joined forces to teach you everything we know in our new book Publicity Jumpstart. If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, hop on over to to grab it now. 

Publicity Jumpstart

New Book Release: Publicity Jumpstart

Hi Fem Founders, 

Happy Independence Day Week!

I hope everyone is relaxing a bit and enjoying the warm summer months! I've finally slowed down and taken off to spend time with my family.

Meanwhile,  I am so excited to announce my forthcoming book release called The Publicity Jumpstart cowritten with former actress and visibility expert, Michelle Lewis of  Michelle and I talk all about how to get press for your startup in my recent podcast interview on The Visible Entrepreneur, which you can listen to here.  You can also find out when the book launches by signing up here

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