How It All Happened 

Building The Next Generation of Female Founders

One cold and rainy Saturday morning in March 2017, I was feeling a bit unmotivated and burnt out. Although running a successful PR firm provides so much gratification, I kind of felt like something was missing, and I didn’t know what it was...until I started sorting through emails from former and prospective clients.

After I read a dozen of these emails, I noticed they all had one thing in common: these entrepreneurs wished there was a one-stop resource on everything related to running a creative business. So then an idea smacked me in the head…

Why not start an online resource where people can go to get free tips, tricks, advice, tools, and resources on just about every aspect of running a business?  (All but the legal side, because we’re not lawyers!)

When I decided to start a few days later, I dug a little deeper. I researched what ailed these entrepreneurs - I conducted surveys and tried to chat in person with as many as I could.

After connecting with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I learned they predominantly asked one of the following two questions:                                                          

”How can I create an online side business that’s profitable within the first year?  I’d like to make an extra (X) number of dollars per month.”  


“How can I scale to hit (X) revenue or increase it by (X%)?”

In order to try and drill down on these two big “pain points”, I sat down with my team to create The Profitable Founder, the simple five-step business framework that anyone can follow. We’ve used this simple framework to build my businesses and the 200+ brand we’ve launched since 2009 at

If you haven’t downloaded The Profitable Founder yet, grab a copy. This FREE guide/course gives you all of the steps you need to launch a successful and profitable business NOW.

How can help you more…  

In addition to asking the two questions above, you may curious to know how more about:

  • How can I create a brand that’s truly unique?

  • Where can I find my ideal customers?

  • What are the ways to get into magazines, major websites, and partner with bloggers without spending a fortune or hiring a PR firm? (Hint, hint - We own a PR firm in NYC so we share everything we know about the field in blog posts, masterclasses, free email courses, and webinars).

  • How do certain entrepreneurs have massive audiences making millions of dollars every year?

  • What’s the secret sauce to having an impact on the world?

Well, we set out to find the answers to those questions by experimenting with our own businesses and interviewing experts on our blog and forthcoming podcast. You can visit our blog here to read some of our most insightful pieces.

 And if you haven’t joined our group yet, you can by going here. We’d love to have you be a part of the community.

To your success!

Founder & Creative Director

Kristin Marquet


About the team

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief - Kristin Marquet

Kristin Marquet

With a no B.S. attitude, Kristin is the Creative Director of the award-winning PR firm, Creative Development Agency. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the agency as well as directs all client accounts and projects. With a strong eye for creating memorable brands and a diverse range of knowledge, Kristin provides strategic counsel to clients interested in developing successful internal and external communication programs across all media platforms.

Kristin has forged successful partnerships with celebrity fashion designer and correspondent NV Nick Verreos; prestige hair care brand Briogeo; French accessory designer Mona Roussette; and many more. She has generated media placements in Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Seventeen, Glamour, and ELLE magazines,, and countless other outlets.

Passionate about learning, Kristin has advanced studies in data and marketing analytics. She also attended MIT, Boston University, and New York University and holds degrees in literature and marketing/public relations. She has contributed to,,,, and In 2015, she also authored of the book, Squash the competition and Dominate your marketplace: 55 easy Tips to Generate Big Publicity for your startup or small business. Most recently, she joined the Young Entrepreneur Council

Kristin is an endurance runner and lives in Westchester County, New York with her husband, Michael. 

Kayleigh Alexandra

Kayleigh Alexandra is a content writer for Micro Startups — a site dedicated to giving through growth hacking and shining a light on innovative startups. Visit the blog for your latest dose of startup, entrepreneur, and charity insights from top experts around the world. Follow us on Twitter @getmicrostarted.

Amy Collett

Amy Collett is creator of, a website that helps professionals and entrepreneurs build and strengthen their personal brand. She is author of the upcoming book, You, Exemplified: The Role of Personal Branding in Your Professional Life. When she isn’t helping clients boost their careers or businesses, she enjoys coaching her daughter’s soccer team and training to become a yoga instructor.

Lucy Reed

Lucy Reed has been starting businesses since she was a kid, from the lemonade stand she opened in her parent’s driveway at age 10 to the dog walking business she started while in college. She created GigMine because she was inspired by the growth of the sharing economy and wanted to make it easier for entrepreneurial individuals like herself to find the gig opportunities in their areas. 

Rebecca Britton and Rachel Kassinger - Contributors


Twinnks, created by twin sisters Rebecca Britton and Rachel Kassinger, is a modernized t-shirt bra that solves all of the most common “brablems”. Not only does it have the molded, seamless cups for comfort and support, but it goes a step further and smooths out the edge of the cups, making it invisible under clothes. Eventually, they hope to expand into all things basic: t-shirts, undershirts, tank tops and more.



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