Making Employees Fall In Love With Their Office

Do you have a space at home which you use to get things done? A space where you go to write emails, type up reports for your business, make your future plans, organize your finances and more?

This sort of area should be somewhere you feel your mind can fit in. It should be a space where you enjoy sitting and working for long hours. Now, consider what kind of office you provide for your employees and what it must mean to them. What kind of impact do our surroundings have on us when we’re at work? It's without a doubt one of the most overlooked areas for any business owner.

Company culture is first reflected by the office. What you stand for, what kind of atmosphere you have and what kind of professional attitudes you want from your employees will be spoken without a single word just by your office. Not only does a great office improve morale and productivity, but it can supercharge employee creativity and even loyalty.

Don’t go crazy for neutrals

The aesthetics of the office should be pleasing to the eyes. It's important you don’t go crazy with neutrals. Far too many offices are colored in whites and greys. Although this may be good for a home, for an office you want a more varied color palette.

For example, you could have different departments in their own unique colors. The sales department could have red walls and red chairs, while the risk department could have royal blue walls and black chairs. Adding artwork to your walls is also helpful to employees. Nobody wants to stare at a plain wall all day long at their desk. Be creative and have fun decorating your office, make it feel unique so its own culture can arise and thrive. Adding plants to your office is not just for health reasons but they can also bring living color to your office. 

Being Tidy and Clean

Many office floors are carpeted. This can result in foul odors forming over time and this can lead to an unpleasant place to work. You should ask employees to be very careful with rubbish and how they treat their own personal workstations. It should go without saying but unfortunately, some employees have worse hygiene habits than others.

You could also call professional services such as Evergreen Janitorial Services, Inc. to keep your office spick and span. They offer services such as cleaning commercial office building floors. They can also clean marble, wood or tile so if you have expensive materials in your office, you should go with this kind of service that won’t damage them.

Allow personalization

Some businesses are strict with their office personalization policies. However, it's good to allow employees some kind of personalization of their own desk. Photos of friends and family members, their achievements, stuffed animals, badges, and small figures should be allowed onto their desks. Just remember to ask employees they keep their politics and religion to their own private lives.

The office aesthetic has such an impact on the psyche of employees. Their surroundings should not be bland with neutrals, but rather colorful and with touches of unique decorations and decor.

How To Make Your Office A Place You’ll Absolutely Love Working In


To get things done in life, you need to be in the best possible frame of mind. When it comes to things like work, you need to also be in the best possible surroundings. You can’t be around lots of distractions all of the time and expect to complete things speedily—it rarely ever happens. Some people have the power to turn things out, but the majority of us struggle with multiple stimuli hitting us at once. 

Have you ever tried working while sitting on your couch? You might carry out a few things, but, on the whole, you’re too cozy and laid back. You’re probably stuck staring at the TV, too! That’s why the environment is so important.

When you’re in a more formal and professional setting, you behave accordingly, and you tend to get loads more done. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working for a particular company in their designated office space, or whether you’re working from home in your study, things need to be perfect if you’re to get things done throughout the day. Even if there are a few teeny problems; the whole day can be ruined.  

With all that said, it’s now a case of making the office a place where you’ll enjoy working in; a place where you’ll want to get lots done. How do you do that, though?

At the end of the day, it’s just a room where you sit and work, after all. Well, whether it’s an office at your company’s workplace or home office that you’ve created, you can do things to the aesthetics: you can remove or add items–-there’s not really a limit on what you can do; your options are as far as your creativity takes you. If you want a few pointers, then you might as well continue reading!


After a certain period of time, you’re going to have a build-up of clutter. It’s not too much of a problem; it happens to everyone. We all have items in our possession every single day, and we always need somewhere to put them. Unfortunately, we don’t all have lots of storage facilities, so we end up tossing them into the corner of the room! 

Your first step of this entire project would be to spend a little time removing all of the unnecessary items from the office. It’s quite a boring task, but it’ll be worth it as you’ll feel as though you have more space to breathe. When the area is much neater, you’ll feel so much better about your surroundings. Clutter just brings us down; tidiness gives us more of a boost. After the job is completed, you’ll have a blank canvas to play around with; the real work can therefore begin. 


The color scheme of a particular place always makes people feel a certain way. It might not always have a huge impact on your workday, but it definitely has a part to play. For example, some people become buoyed by warm colors. If they’re entering an office and see that they’re going to be surrounded by boring and bland decor, the blandness can creep into their mindset.

If you’re working from home and your spare room is your new office, then your walls might be covered in old wallpaper and paint—it hasn’t been occupied in a while, right? Painting the place will help to revitalize it and, thus, revitalize you. 

Work At An Attractive Desk

It helps if you like the place that you’re sitting at all day, huh? If you have to work at a worn out and old desk, then your motivation is going to match the beaten and broken workstation. As humans, we naturally judge things based on looks, so if we’re sat working in a pretty area, we’re going to be more content. If we’re sat in a place that doesn’t really inspire us, then we’ll probably want to be elsewhere. 

Look at places online that sell professional and formal furniture. If you have a basic table and chairs set up in your office, then it won’t exactly be difficult to look for an upgrade. If you have something fairly fashionable, then choosing something might take a little longer! You’ll have the opportunity to check what kinds of things are out there. Perhaps you’ll prefer a fancy-looking thing with Wood Table Tops and classical design, or maybe you’ll enjoy a more modern style. Whatever you choose, you’ll be in a much better place than before. 

Get Yourself A Really Comfy Seat (Or Two) 

What you’re going to be looking at all day is, of course, very important. Your backside’s well-being is arguably more important, however! You need to be comfortable while working. If you’re not comfy, then you’re going to be heavily distracted all the time. There’s nothing worse than having to constantly shuffle around in your seat because your back is sore and you need to relieve the stress a little. 

Again, you can look online for some of the comfiest office chairs around. Unfortunately, some of the best ones can cost an absolute fortune, but you can get some good quality seats for less than three figures. Like before, if you’re currently using a basic, cheap chair, then you’re not going to be too bothered about the specific quality because the quality will undoubtedly be better than what you currently have.  

Purchase Great Software 

We all like new things. If you have old stuff on your computer, then you’re not exactly going to be inspired by it. Newer and more powerful equipment and programs do the complete opposite for us, though. Whenever a new technology comes out, we feel compelled to get stuck into it. Perhaps you could buy some new equipment and get it installed on your workstation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a project management system or a piece of accounting software—if it’s new and exciting; you’ll enjoy it. 

Personalize It To Your Taste

You’ve cleared the place out, painted it, and added furniture. Now that all of the necessities have been installed, it might now be time to add a personal touch to the whole place. If you’re not really into the idea of customizing, then that’s okay; it’s not for everyone. If you are, though, then you could bring in all kinds of ornaments and decorations. Adding a little personality to the office stamps your name firmly onto the room. It should make you feel more comfortable, especially if you’re working on your company’s office. 

Do Something About The Lighting

If you’re sitting in a pretty dreary and dark place, then that’s only going to lower your mood altogether. If you can’t do anything about the windows in terms of natural light, then you could get a few more lights installed. Either that or buy a lamp for your desk! The darkness can really put you off – try to avoid is as much as you can!

Get Stuff Done In There 

We’ve talked about how to change up the aesthetics and the overall feel of the office. There’s one final way you can become more interested in the office, however, and that’s by completely lots of tasks in there already!

If you sit in a room all day struggling, then you’re going to associate that room with struggle. If you get lots done, then you’re going to bounce into it the next day. Knuckle down and get your work done, even if you’re having a bad day. There’s nothing like completing work and being productive with your time! 

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Keeping The Best: A Guide On Staff Retention

It is so often the case, that staff members are a business's most valuable asset. However, keeping the best ones over the long term can be a real challenge for companies, both large and small. After all, people's needs change, and there are always competitors that will try and poach the best workers away. Happily, there are some tactics you can use to keep hold of the very best employees.

Read on to find out what they are. 


Image at Pixabay - License CC0

Don't say goodbye to your best employees! 

Work environment 

Above all else, what keeps people in their jobs for the long term is that they enjoy them. That they don't dread going into work each morning or watch the clock religiously until it gets to 5 pm each day. 

That means as an employer, you need to make the atmosphere in which your employees work as positive as possible. In fact, you can approach this situation in two ways. The first is to look at the physical environment in which you expect people to work. The idea being to ask yourself whether it's safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing? These are the factors that can make the most difference in staff satisfaction.

Secondly, don't forget that the atmosphere of a workplace is more than just the physical environment but extends to the emotional situation as well. Therefore, someone feels left out, or there is a particular toxic member of staff, you must deal with this as soon as possible. In fact, doing so can not just help you retain the best staff over the long term, but also reduce any employee advance days due to stress as well.


Next, if you want to keep a hold of the best employees in your business over the long term, you must provide them with opportunities for training.

Now, you may think that as long as they are performing their work tasks adequately, training is an unnecessary expense and use of time. However, this is not the case. In fact, offering training to staff can help them be more invested in their work, and stay in their posts for longer, especially if it is leveled training that is related to official levels which can be displayed on their resume.

Happily, you don't have to dedicate a lot of person-power or in work time training to provide these benefits either. In fact, you can use automated lms software to manage training functions. Something that basically allows employees to work through the content at their own pace with very little interaction from your HR department. 


They say that money makes the world go round, and it is true that many of us would not work if we didn't have bills to pay. Of course, what this demonstrates is the importance of remuneration for a job well done. In fact, being able to offer comparatively high wages is something that will also help you to keep the best employees working for your business. Often over the long term, this can be very beneficial for your company. 

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Let This Plumber's Story Inspire Your NonProfit Growth

Nonprofits hold a tricky position in the business world. They are necessary as they support those who are struggling to cope emotionally, physically, financially, etc., whether they are people, animals or even vegetals – as it can be the case for a nonprofit business dedicated to saving trees. However, because they are business entities that are not making a financial profit, their growth potential is often limited. Regardless of how necessary they are, nonprofits find it difficult to kickstart their growth journey. In fact, many of them are forced to shut down when they can’t support their activities any longer. 

A British nonprofit plumbing company has made the news recently by bringing customer care to an entirely new level when plumber James Anderson stated on his receipt that an elderly lady would not be charged for his work under any circumstances. While the plumber has had difficulties making ends meet – his business owes just under £8,000, which is about $10,000 – in times of need, his selfless ethos remains a constant.

Since the newspapers reported on his free receipt, he’s received countless support from local plumbers and people who are willing to help, but also from international companies who are interested in creating a similar nonprofit structure. 

If you’re running a nonprofit company, it’s fair to say that all the attention you can get is beneficial. However, if you’re going to make growth a priority, improving your strategy is crucial to achieve your mission and, hopefully, attract the attention of a journalist in the process!


Pixabay - CC0 License 

Can nonprofits boost their local brand awareness?

There are thousands of nonprofit organization in any given locations. However, more often than not, the local community isn’t aware of their existence and services. The first strategic step you need to take is to build a partnership with your community. Indeed, putting your organization at the heart of the community’s life can make a significant difference in boosting your reputation and brand. Ideally, you want to approach the possibility of a partnership with the community leaders. You can introduce your services and mission and discuss with them how you can best serve their unmet needs. 

Are international projects an option?

As the British plumber from our story discovered, unmet needs exist not only in local communities but also all around the world. While it might not be meaningful for your nonprofit organization to travel internationally, you can certainly connect to like-minded businesses who share your mission and interests.

Using remote technologies such as Vision Communications, for instance, to enable voice and audio-video solutions from one country to another, you can create a space to share knowledge and case studies. When you aim to help others, there’s no better support than connecting with international nonprofits to design cost-effective solutions together. 

Help people help you

Your organization relies on the generosity of the audience to provide services and support to those who need it. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not sure how they could best help you to fulfill your mission. You can use your website to advertise potential positions at a one-off basis or permanently, for instance.

Additionally, you can also create a page that lists out the equipment and materials you require in your day-to-day work, as accepting donations in kind could be a life-changer. Finally, don’t forget to create a donation page on your favorite crowdfunding platform. GoFundMe is a popular choice for charities registered in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. However, there’s a processing fee for donation made in US dollars. 

Stop wasting time and money through disorganized business

Nonprofits often struggle with management issues. Indeed, they have a bad rep for being disorganized, which is a direct consequence of their mission. Everybody in the organization is dedicated to helping people, animals, etc. As a result, your team is less likely to keep track of necessary business processes. The first rule of a successful mission is to manage your financial reports and statement closely, as it can avoid a lot of tax headaches! 

You still need a strategy

Last but not least, even charities are businesses, and as such, they need a strategy to plan their expansion. Even if you have no intention of making money, planning your growth can help you to become more relevant to your community. Growth can come in many shapes and forms, such as offering new services, hiring more people, or boosting donation for your nonprofit. Without a strategy, your organization is effectively a headless chicken running in circles. 

Growth for nonprofit is not an impossible dream. However, when growth is not related to your revenues, you need to be smart to maximize your presence and brand awareness to create a buzz around your services. Additionally, streamlining your processes can give you the boost you need to provide better help. 

Tips To Improve Efficiency In Business

So many companies can end up falling behind on their objectives or goals for the year because perhaps some of the practices and processes that they have in place, aren’t working well enough. To prevent that from happening to your business, here are some tips to improve efficiency.


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Keep It Automated Where You Can

Automation in business can be essential to improving how you utilize your time within the company and everyone else for that matter. Where possible, try to automate tasks if you can. One example of this is through your company’s social media accounts. Get your social media team to use software where they can use robotic process automation in order to get this content out, even for when it’s out of office hours. Scheduling content and automating a variety of other things in your business can save you precious hours that can be used elsewhere.

Remember Communication Between Staff

One thing that a lot of businesses will suffer from is a lack of communication. This can be pretty impactful on workplace productivity and the progress that you make as a whole. It’s all about ensuring you have the right people in place and who can manage their staff to delegate issues that need sorting. Communication is essential so using some sort of platform like a task management one, for example, can at least help improve how staff communicates with each other, in order to get the required job done. The less communication staff members have, the more risks it poses for something going wrong.

Create The Right Environment

The efficiency within the building stretches beyond just the staff and the equipment but also the type of environment that your office space or area offers. Look at how you can improve the space that your staff work in and it could simply be a case of making their workspace more enjoyable and better from a health and safety point of view. Bring in indoor nature, open up the space to create a more free-flowing atmosphere, and don’t forget that natural light can be fantastic for providing a positive vibe to the company.

Hold Shorter Meetings

Meetings are necessary in most businesses. With so many of your staff members handling a variety of things, it’s better to hold shorter and more bite-sized meetings than ones that last for hours and that actually get less done.

Keep your meeting rooms in professional meeting spaces, rather than taking it out of the office. The temptation to stray from certain topics might happen, and so it’s just wise to have it in your offices. Keep an eye on the clock when you get into the room and try to have some sort of direction for the discussion needed. 

Being an efficient business is only going to help open up a wealth of doors for you and your organization in the future. So look at improving your business efficiency right now. Who knows the difference it would make? 

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Being The Best Leader For Your Employees

There are many aspects to being a manager and employer which you need to focus on in order to run your business well. One of the most vital, however, is always going to be the issue of how you deal with your employees and how you treat them. The way that you approach this is really indicative of your management style generally, and it is something that your employees will be looking to in order to determine what kind of a boss you really are.

There are a great many things you might be keen to do in order to make sure that you are treating them right, and  that you are being the best leader you can be for them, and it’s worth paying attention to all of these as best as you possibly can. It could mean a better business, as well as happier colleagues.


Credit - CCO Licence

Provide A Safe Workplace

One of your most important priorities is that you need to make sure you are providing your employees with a safe workplace for them to operate within. This is not just a legal and moral necessity, but something that you will find people leap on if you don’t get it right. So make sure that you are aware of what it entails, and that you are really doing everything necessary to bring it about wherever you need to. The truth is that providing this kind of workplace is all about paying close attention to risk management. You need to remember that it’s worth being aware of the legal risks, for which you might need some help. Hupy & Abraham is a firm dedicated to providing excellent services which might prove useful here.


You want to get the best from your employees, so that means that you need to encourage them in such a way that that is likely to happen. Of course, that is something that can be a little more challenging than you might like to admit, but as long as you are happy to work on it slowly and surely you should find that you can really make it a reality.

A big part of this is making sure that you know what each person needs to hear in order to be encouraged - although that doesn’t mean you should simply lie to them in order to spur them on. By encouraging them as fully as possible, you can ensure that you get the best out of them, and so improve the way your business functions too.


Credit - CCO Licence


Finally, being a leader means - well, leading. You need to make sure that you are approaching your leadership as best as you can, otherwise you won’t be able to ensure that your team works to the best of its capabilities. Good leadership is all about spotting what a person’s real skills are and making the most of them, so that is a good place to start. With that, you should then find that your people are also encouraged more, which will prove necessary too.

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Risks To Consider When Starting A Care Home Business



If you are looking for a new business avenue to explore this year, care might be a good indutsry to get into. Care is a broad subject and covers a lot of different job roles such as care for children, the disabled, and the elderly. 

Today we are going to focus on the latter, and explore what you need to think about this year if you want to open a care home yourself this year. There are many different risks and considerations when thinking of launching this sort of business so here is what you need to be aware of. 

1. Labor costs

The most important factor to consider when you plan to open a home care franchise this year is hiring people who you can trust to look after those in need. The process of sourcing and hiring great care workers can be a long one and it can be a big challenge. It is important for you to source the best and most trusted people that you can and sometimes this can be a real challenge.

Make sure that you take the time to truly research prospective carers and create a screening process for each. Once you have hired your dream team this is where the real cost will come into play. The labour costs to hire the right people for your care home will be high, and it is very likely that you will want to hire a lot of staff to provide the best care for your residents. 

2. Limited people 

One of the things you have to think about when opening a care home this year is the amount of people in the local area who can use it. If you know anything about care homes from personal experience you will know that it can cost a lot to place a family member into a care home and not everyone can afford to do this. From a business perspective, you are always better choosing a location where people are generally well off and financially stable. 

As well as the limited people who can afford to rent a place with you, it is important for you to think about the location itself. When finding the ideal place to open a care home, the inner city or close to a university campus likely isn’t the best option because there simply won’t be a lot of old people living close by. It is always worth checking the age demographics for a local area and this can help you to make the right choice when it comes to your home. 

3. Fierce competition

There is a lot of competition when it comes to your care home, and this is why it is a crucial thing for you to stand out from the crowd. Before you decide to open your own business this year, it is important to check out the competition and make sure that it will be possible for you to gain enough revenue from residents moving in. 

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Startup Plan? What Are You Waiting For?

If there’s one thing you get told in startup seminars, blogs, or from other entrepreneurs, it’s that you need to find a niche. Even in an industry that might be flooded with other similar small businesses, what is going to set you aside from the rest and give you that Unique Selling Point that will help you stand out from others?

If you’re not sure whether your business idea is going to fly, then you need to take a look at this blog and run through our checklist before you turn your idea into a money spinner or take it back to the drawing board.

Photo credit:

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Is your business providing a solution and if so what is it that you’ve identified as the problem? It’s a hard question but if you have a clear and definite answer and have seen a problem in your industry that no one, or at least very few, are addressing then you’ve struck gold.

You should take that idea forward and see where it leads. If, however, you’re struggling to see where you might fit in, that doesn’t mean you should give up right away but instead be prepared to keep an open mind, which might mean you changing your offer slightly, taking a fresh look at what you want to achieve.

Flying Solo

Working for yourself is the dream but there has to be a reality check when it comes to setting up a small business, especially when it comes to the small matter of financial backing.

How will you approach the issue of backing? Particularly if you’re planning a business that sells physical goods. Your business plan needs to be strong, it needs to demonstrate how you will accommodate growth, and look ahead to the future every bit as it needs to demonstrate who your customer base is and so forth.

The reality may be that you’re going to need a team behind you and the only way you’ll be able to pay for a team is through a windfall investment into your business. Before you even think about setting up your website, explore those investment opportunities.

The Bottom Line

People might tell that when you’re setting up a business you shouldn’t expect to turn over a profit for at least the first year. Whether this is true or not is subjective, but it’s worth considering how much you’re going to need coming in each month to break even.

This is particularly true if you’re employing staff and need the stability of income to cover your staff costs. Work through your projections with a start up specialist, particularly someone who is familiar with your industry, whether that’s manufacturing luxury goods or an expert on property in malaysia - find someone who knows your niche and can give you the heads up. They will also be able to tell you how the market is currently looking and if it’s a good time to be in startups in the first place. Whether you choose to listen to that advice or not is entirely down to you.

Check Out the Competition

Not just a cursory glance through a handful of websites. Drill down into what’s out there that may be presenting you with a threat. Sign up for their newsletters, read blogs, and go through each page. When you find content or a page that doesn’t work, think about why, make some notes so you can avoid making similar errors of judgement.

Similarly, when you find ideas that really work take note. We’re not talking about plagiarizing the competition but we are talking about making good ideas even better as you add your personal touch to anything they have to offer.

Keep up to date with their day-to-day workload and aim to be up there giving them a run for their money

Setting up a business feels like it should be as simple as hitting go on your shiny new website and in some ways it is but there is more to it than that and even the best looking website in the world isn’t going to generate an income unless there’s a sound business plan behind it.

Look around your industry niche today and see what’s missing. Generate ideas that are going to get to the heart of answering those questions and get the ball rolling with a look at how you might set-up and finance your idea.

Finding that idea is just the start, but having confidence that your business is going to take off with backing and a great plan is going to set you firmly on the path to success, so what are you waiting for?

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How to Handle a Promotion into a Fleet Management Role


Rosana Beechum

So, you've been tasked with managing a fleet of vehicles for the company that you work for; or you've been brought on board in a more senior role as a fleet manager for your new employer – and now you're excited yet nervous about the transition.

Feeling a bit uncertain is understandable when you consider the level of responsibility that comes with fleet management. Fortunately, if you take the necessary steps to ensure that you are committed to safe and effective operating habits you should be able to succeed in your new role. To help you handle the promotion in the most graceful and productive manner possible, here are four tips you can follow for a safer and less stressful experience:

1. Ensure the Company Has Adequate Insurance Coverage

Your primary duty as a fleet manager is to facilitate the continuity of fleet operations in a way that maximises profitability while also minimising risk. Thus, checking the existing insurance policy to ensure it provides optimal coverage is one of the very first steps you should take to protect yourself and your employer from negative financial events.

Likewise, if the company doesn't yet have fleet insurance, or you want to check how their current policy compares to others, looking at the wide range of policies on the market through a comparison platform like Quotezone will allow you to compare insurance companies for many types of vehicles in just a few minutes.

2. Research Fleet Management Best Practices

Of course, beyond the initial precautionary measure of ensuring that the company’s fleet is adequately insured, you need to be ready to perform your duties effectively. While your employer should provide some level of orientation or training in this regard, it's best to do your own research in your spare time if you want to be the best fleet manager you can be.

3. Become Familiar with a Fleet Tracking System

Most companies will already have fleet tracking systems in place, so adjusting to this type of interface will be one of the primary learning curves that you'll encounter in your new position. However, whether the company already has a preferred platform or not, comparing all the software and tools available on the market is still worthwhile, because you could propose a change if you find that another fleet tracking tool would be better suited or more cost-effective. Company owners and managers like to see that their fleet managers are playing a hands-on role in improving logistics on an ongoing basis, so changing the fleet tracking system or mastering their existing platform will help you make a good impression.

4. Optimize Logistics and Create Reports to Impress

In addition to revamping the fleet tracking system, you'll also want to look into ways to optimize logistics for enhanced profitably. If you can increase the company's bottom line as a fleet manager, you'll have proven your value in that position. Of course, the fear of demotion or just that you might not do your job well will always be looming in the beginning, so taking steps to facilitate and show improvement through comprehensive reports can help you avoid such an unfavourable outcome.

Fleet Management Doesn't Have to Be Extremely Difficult

Much of the concern and hesitance that comes with managing a vehicle fleet originates in the value and responsibility involved. In terms of job difficulty, it's not really rocket science and you should have no problem mastering it within the course of 1-2 months on the job. In fact, if you're a fast learner, you could be impressing your corporate superiors within the first week by thoroughly following the tips given above.

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Happy Staff / Happy Business - How To Make This Your Mantra



It’s easy to think that in order to run a successful business, you need to crack the whip and squeeze every last ounce of value out of your staff. In some respects, it’s important to stay firm. If someone is continually taking days off, making a mockery of your process or acting as dead weight, disciplinary and dismissal processes might be needed.

But it’s also essential to, as a baseline, ensure your staff are happy at your firm. If not, then standards slip. It can be easy to think that staff will just leave if they are unhappy, but in some job markets that’s not as easy as you think. Some might prefer to stay for the security and financial comfort of a job while stress harms their working productivity, or they simply decide to achieve the bare minimum. No, actualized people, those who care about your brand, those are the people you want to work at your firm.

But it’s your job to actualize them through their career. It doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and you can’t expect your staff to always bring their best selves if you don’t give them that conduit. So, let’s consider how you might achieve this with care and intention:

A Rational Work/Life Balance

Some careers are known for their heavy time investment during the working week. For example, you wouldn’t expect to only work 35 hours a week as a partnered lawyer. Yet does this mean you should completely revert your needs for a healthy work/life balance? We’re not so sure that would be healthy. If anything, a rational work/life balance is needed, in fact, it’s absolutely essential.

This is where you need to consider your work schedule. If we’re not being naive, most business leaders know that overtime, working through lunches or a range of other effort-laden requirements are needed, even when fully staffed. But it’s important to know what features your work schedule should include, so that you can disseminate that information to our staff well. It can take a little time to implement a schedule that works for you, your staff, and the repeated sustainable needs of your business. And yet this is what you must fine tune, over and over again, in order to get to the best result. We think you can achieve this, with the resources linked.


Training your staff is essential. You cannot simply expect staff, even if experienced, to be aware of every single process you have to deal with. They might not understand your working module, you might not have taught them of practical procedures unique to your firm, or they might just be confused with a process and need a further explanation. Do not treat this as a waste of time.

The more you can engage the learning interest of your staff, the better. For example, let’s use a business everyone can understand to illustrate this point - a restaurant. Let us say you’re making new changes to the menu. Instead of simply telling your staff how to describe the menu and showing them what it looks like, have them taste each item. Get their thoughts. Ask them how they might describe it, and what wines those foods would pair with. This is the difference between an order and helping staff absorb the new direction, able to use this to inform their best work.

In an office setting, it can be the same way. For example, helping them become aware of the intimate details of a client’s brief rather than simply telling your staff to do something a certain way can inspire the best work, and help the entire team, even in a hierarchical structure, feel like more of a collaborative environment.

Confidentiality And Respect

It’s essential to treat everyone the same way. Treating staff with confidentiality and respect is essential. No matter if they have been accused of workplace bullying, stealing from your stock room, or simply failed to make a certain deadline. It’s important to give everyone their fair chance, and be as neutral as possible from your HR perspective as you can.

Sometimes, unless essential, having your HR staff inform you of only the lightest, anonymous and most needed details of caring for a certain employee can help them retain their dignity, especially through essential matters such as mental health issues etc. There is a way to conduct this work and keep an open door policy that will always help your team know you are there for them. This is important.

With this advice, we hope you can ensure a happy staff, and from then on a happy business.

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Why You Should Add Beauty To The Workplace

Photo Credit:   Chimene Gaspar    from    Pixabay

Photo Credit: Chimene Gaspar from Pixabay

When people talk about adding beauty to the workplace, they are often referring to the old fashioned views of women wearing lipstick and high heels in the office to make it a beautiful environment. However, while you can dress however you want (within reason) in the workplace adding beauty to the office and to your work can mean something totally different and rather than being for sexist reasons there are many other reasons why you should add beauty to everything you do. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes - in people or in offices, beauty has changed throughout time, various cultures and the vast different perceptions of the world and it has been defined in so many ways. 

Think about it, the average full-time employee works forty hours per week which is nearly a quarter of their time, so it’s important that their place of work should be an inspiring and pleasant environment to be in. According to the American Society of Interior Designers employees who like their office environment were 31% more likely to be satisfied in their job.

A similar study by Metro Design showed that of 100 employees “almost half (49%) said that an office makeover would increase their productivity and more than half thought a better working environment would make them more organized and enable greater job satisfaction. 

If that’s not enough of a reason to make the office look beautiful, then it’s a good job, there are more. Adding some greenery to the office not only makes it look beautiful but it can make your office cooler, make your employees more relaxed if there are surrounded by beautiful plants, show that you are an eco-friendly organization and having indoor plants is also really good for yours and your employee's health. Plants are great for maintaining air quality, and they also add an organic element to your decor. 

Adding some color to your office not only makes it less clinical and boring but also enhances and complements your brand which will make a good impression to any clients but also remind your employees of your brand and the common goal you are all working toward - even if it is subliminal. Additionally, if the walls and ceilings of your workplace are just plain, it shows that your office has no creativity, so try to decorate these as much as possible. 

It’s not just about colors either, having a beautiful and spacious layout is very important as it affects how your employees interact with each other. A large open plan office is great for communication and interaction. Lighting is another important consideration; large windows let in lots of natural daylight and are preferable to tiny windows that look out onto brick walls. 

While you also want your employees to stay on brand when it comes to presentations and work, it is also important to give them the tools to get creative and add beauty to their work. Give them access to the presentation software that is used by innovators, the design tools that big brands use, teach them how to use it and you’ll have a workforce full of creative and skilled employees who can add beauty everywhere they go. 

Having an attractive office will also mean you will attract better and more talent when recruiting. Workers want an up-to-date office design, so if you put yourself in the shoes of the talent, imagine walking into an office with dull colors and poor lighting - will this look like fun and attractive place to work. You don’t have to break the bank and invest in high-end furniture. 

Beauty can also come in the form of having a healthy workplace, for example creating a healthy snack bar in your office stocked with some of your favorite items to eat, including mixed nuts, protein bars, and fresh fruit. Having good coffee in the kitchen and nice mugs and plates for everyone makes all the difference. All these things help to elevate peoples’ moods and help them to concentrate. These little touches can turn an ordinary workspace into an extraordinary workspace.

Once you have a beautiful setting, then it’s also important for both you and your employees to add beauty, personality, and their own stamp to their own space. Let your employees turn their workspace into an area where they want to work. Allow them to move around the items on their desk to suit them, bring in a fan, or a lamp or photos if it makes them feel comfortable and makes them work better in a pleasant working environment. This can really make a difference to your employees’ morale and help to increase job satisfaction and productivity making for a more successful, happier business.

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How You’re Going To Keep Morale High In The Workplace

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

In the majority of instances, a business’s level is dependent on how well the staff work. If the employees are performing at a high level, the company as a whole is going to experience fantastic results. Adversely, if they aren’t hitting the required standard, the company won’t reach anywhere near its potential. It could stand still or maybe even go backwards. 

Sometimes there’s a secret formula and a method that means everything in a particular workplace flow so very smoothly, but the majority of the time it’s down to sheer hard work and concentration. We all know that hard work gets us what we want in life. We also know that motivation and initiative can be hard to come by sometimes. If we were all able to stay switched on like robots, we’d probably all be millionaires! 

So if you’re the boss of a firm, and you need to keep your staff focused, motivated and willing to get things done speedily, what can you do to achieve it? Every single person is different, and they all have complex goings-on in their heads, so not everything will work for all of them. There are little things you can do, and little changes you can apply that may give everyone a boost, though. Let’s take a look at some.   

Keep It Clean!

A clean and healthy environment is one that will likely create a lot of productivity. There’s no reason why you should have to attempt to get things done whilst surrounded by ugly and dirty items, furniture, and other work-related bits and pieces. If you’re in an unsanitary place, workers are likely going to be distracted by the unpleasantness. You’ll need them to be focused fully on their jobs. Get everything cleaned up. If you have the funds, you could hire cleaners to come in a few times a week to make sure the place is consistently kept fresh.


The workplace won’t operate to its potential if there are constantly bumps and kinks along the way. A lack of organization could result in slow work and, thus, annoyance from everyone involved. Make sure the desks or workstations and neatly arranged. Make sure also to remind each individual to assemble their stations efficiently. 

Keep It Safe! 

Similarly to the idea of cleanliness, the staff are going to work with a lot more confidence and peace of mind if they know that they’re safe and comfy in their surroundings. You’ll want to make sure the place is secure from any problems in terms of criminals and also the building’s condition. 

Installing security systems like CCTV cameras and alarms would deter any bad guys from trying anything stupid – and if they did go through with anything, they’d be caught out. You could also build up some gates, hire guards or buy extra strong locks for the doors. 

The premise itself needs to be safe to work in, otherwise, people may be on each as their minds will be elsewhere. Check to see if all of the utilities are working perfectly. Check also that none of the fundamental parts are shoddy or damaged. If they are, you could also get in contact with contractors and handy people that can fix issues. If you need an electrician to come in and rewire stuff, or roofers to come in and provide a commercial roof replacement, it’s probably wise to get in touch sooner rather than later.   

Spread Positive Vibes 

Finally, and simply: make sure that everyone is as happy as possible. Do this by instilling an almost laid-back attitude – not too much, though, because they may become too complacent! Stressing out never works, however, so try to relax everyone a little. Perhaps you could put a lot of effort into a break room so that they can chill out happily during lunch.  

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Improvements That'll Bring Success To Your Business In The Long-Term

Whether your business is growing steadily or slowly, there are improvements you could make to ensure your profitability in the future. After all, plenty of companies rise and fall in short spans of time. It’s not enough to have an innovative idea that makes money. You always need to look ahead so you can keep coming up with the next innovative idea that’ll make money. With that in mind, let’s list some improvements that’ll bring success to your business in the long-term.

A strong SEM strategy.

SEM (search engine marketing) is crucial in the digital age. Obviously, business still exists in the traditional sense, but it’s hard to ignore that the world of eCommerce has been taking over gradually for the past couple of decades. With every passing year, increasing numbers of consumers buy their products and services online rather than offline.

Or, at the very least, they search for the goods they need online. The internet is a tool that you should be using effectively if you want your company to be successful in the present day and in the future. There are plenty of ways to market your brand well online.

For starters, you need to create good content on your website and social media pages. That will increase visitor engagement, but it’ll also increase your likelihood of ranking well on search engines when algorithms assess your pages. Of course, you can also pay to market yourself well on search engines. You might want to check out this giant catalog of Google Ad scripts. It’s not just about showing up at the top of result pages; it’s about showing up at the top of result pages for the right kind of people. You have to target the ideal audience to boost your sales and gain customers in the long-term.

Smarter investments.

If your business is going to succeed in the long-term, it needs to keep growing. In the introduction, we talked about companies that burn brightly and fizzle out quickly. Often, the problem isn’t that they had a bad idea; it’s that they didn’t keep coming up with new ideas. You need to keep investing in your business so it can continuously evolve.

Of course, you shouldn’t invest for the sake of investing; you have to make sure you spend your money well. You need to make sure every investment is cost-effective without cutting corners. For instance, you might want to grow by increasing your daily output to meet the demands of a larger customer base. Why not try outsourcing certain services instead of hiring new workers? It’s cheaper, but you’ll still get help from professionals. Investing smartly is about having a plan and delivering it in a fiscally responsible manner.

Better customer relationships.

As every entrepreneur knows, the customer is the life source of any business. No matter how skillful your workers or how amazing your products, you’ll struggle to keep your company running if sales are low. And you can’t bring in profits without bringing in clients.

Sure, a high quantity of one-off sales through clever marketing might lead to high profits in the present day, but you’ll fail to maintain that success if you don’t find ways to retain customers. Through better customer relationships, you could create a loyal client base that keeps your business steadily growing for years. Take the time to check on customers and make sure they’re satisfied. If somebody’s just made their first-ever purchase from you, send them an email with a discount for their next purchase. Show them that their custom is valued.

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Healthy Alternatives To Lacking Business Departments

Not all businesses have a four-story office block they can use, replete with all kinds of staff in all kinds of departments. That can be a luxury, that while hard on your payroll budget, can help your business move at an incredible pace.

But what if you’re a small business trying to gain momentum with your branding and stuck in a relatively humble place? What if you’re a home business, hoping to branch out but not sure how you’re going to deal with the extra responsibility?

Is it possible to run a business well without having all the perfect arrangements set up? Of course it is. But of course it is’ doesn’t cut it when we’re worried about the future of our operation. In fact, it can actually sound quite impossible and implausible to enact.

There’s no real reason as to why you should feel like this. With a little care, attention and careful planning, there are many health alternatives to those systems you’re currently worrying about. And they shouldn’t cost you an arm or a leg (or both) to implement either.

Here’s why:

No Mailroom? No Bother

When setting up your departmental roles, it can be easy to overlook certain essential needs. For example, who will open your physical mail? It could be that as a small firm you believe that you will, but when this reaches a point that you’re struggling to do this in your free time, then you might need to appoint someone, or something, to the task. Cheap private mailbox rental services can often be one of the best decisions here, particularly if you aren’t keen on giving out your personal address for private correspondence except only to a few essential clients and services you use. This can be a great means of solving the problem without much in the way of worry.


Payroll is a hefty job, particularly if you have a number of employees that all have their own hours, own setups and of course, tax situations. This is where finding an excellent payroll service to help become intimate with your labor needs and continually consult with you, continually and reliably pay the wages on time, and help you make good on any lost payments. We would recommend searching for an excellent payroll service in your area and sticking with them until you can open this department yourself through HR and accounting. 


HR is an essential element of your business development. But it’s not always that you can hire a professional to this aim, and it’s not as if you can simply outsource this to someone who visits once a week. Instead, keeping a healthy culture of confidentiality, ensuring you are the figurehead of care, and have an open and anonymous box for those wishing to set up a meeting, discuss an issue or report a problem in the workplace can be worthwhile.

With these tips, you are certain to find healthy alternatives to lacking business departments.

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