Boosting Sales With Mobile Payments


Unless you’re quite tech-savvy it’s pretty understandable that you might not know precisely what a mobile payment gateway is. A payment gateway is, essentially, an application that can be used by e-businesses and high-street stores alike to process credit card payments. When this becomes portable, you get a mobile version of the service.

As a small business owner or founder, you’ll know that your point of sale (POS) is one of the most important parts of your business. In this guide, we’re going to look into mobile card processing further. It used to be that providing a mobile POS solution for smaller business people meant a purchasing a lockbox with a cash float in it, but your options are more varied now.

How Mobile POS Can Boost Your Sales

Have you ever had people visit you at a market or crafts fair only to leave without purchasing something because of a lack of cash and no ATMs in the area? What walks away is more than a single sale, it is a potential lifelong customer, who could also market your business to others. This is where mobile payments come in handy; if you are able to accept card payments, or, better still, mobile equivalents like Apple Pay and Google Wallet you’ll make the life of your customers much easier.

Where this comes in handy as a marketing tool is if you ensure that your customers know they have the option to pay this way by putting up signs around your stall, pitch, or store. Advertising that you have a mobile POS might even tempt people who wouldn’t have even come over to look (assuming that you’d only take cash) to give you and your products a chance. So, as you can see, if you use your contactless point of sale correctly you can bring in new customers and please existing customers; a win-win situation for you and them.

How To Choose a Mobile POS

There are many different forms of mobile payments that can be taken advantage of when you’re in need of more payment options at your business. Cashless payment was a big innovation when it first came out, but these days you don’t always even need a card to pay.

Apps, and innovations like Apple Pay, have revolutionised the way we buy and sell goods. Mobile payment options these days include portable card-reading terminals that connect to tablets and smartphones. The benefits of this kind of technology are pretty self-evident; as a consumer, you have more options, and as a vendor, you boost your potential customer base by making payments from credit cards and even mobile phones viable. This doesn’t have to be limited to your online store or physical shop, however, you can also use affordable, wireless hand-held card readers that can be used in mobile settings such as outdoor markets and conferences. It is possible to set up this kind of system by yourself, but there are plenty of companies that will set up, maintain, and manage such a network for you for a very reasonable fee.

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