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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

Unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all solution to email marketing since it can vary by industry significantly. What works for an e-commerce fashion brand probably isn't going to work for a beauty retail company.

But by following these five easy steps, you can increase the number of people that open your emails, click through to your site, and make purchases.

1). Although it sounds like a no-brainer, many small business owners and entrepreneurs I've worked with throughout the years don't know how to craft a compelling subject line.  They'd use the same old "Spring Sale: 25% Off." Not only is that subject line boring, there's no call to action.

Try asking a question: "You lost! Will 15% off make it better?" This subject line worked out well for Urban Outfitters several years ago.  Or try something like Victoria's Secret did during the launch of the "Naked" collection: "Get Naked: Tomorrow at Victoria's Secret."

2). Create an irresistible offer. I know this sounds obvious, too but so many fashion designers and small business owners I've worked with throughout the years don't understand what makes an offer irresistible. Simply put, it's something that's going to hit a pain point or an emotional hot button. The offer ultimately needs to fix a problem or satisfy a deep desire.

3). Make sure the days and times you send out emails are consistent from week-to-week. If you send emails on Thursdays at 3 pm ET, make sure you follow that schedule (if it's working).

4). As a marketer, one of my favorite things to do is run split tests. It allows me to segment my email lists and send each segment a variation of an email to see which message/design resonates the most with that target audience. You should do the same. Also, note it's usually best to send your emails from a personal name, not just a brand name. This helps increase response rates.

5). With the rise in consumers shopping on their tablets and smartphones, it's critical your emails are mobile friendly. Additionally, if the links in your email link back to a site that isn't mobile-friendly, then that's a sure way to lose subscribers and potential sales.

What are some of your favorite email marketing tips? Let us know below. 

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