how to write compelling website copy

How to Write Compelling Website Copy that Converts

How to Write Compelling Website Copy

You can’t afford to be too modest when you are marketing and selling your products on your website because you only have 3 seconds or less to grab the attention of potential customers. Just think about how many other wellness, lifestyle, fashion, or beauty brands are you competing with every day.

If you want to increase your sales, then your copy must stand from the rest of the clutter. Here are some top tips to help you write copy that sizzles:

1). Though obvious, build an emotional connection with your customers. Imagine if they walked into your physical store and you're selling them face-to-face, how would you speak to them? How would you build an emotional connection?  It's all about enhancing the customer experience.

2). Remember you're not writing a novel or the world's great piece of nonfiction. Write like you speak and avoid using jargon. Be authentic and concise.

3). Keep your product titles unique yet, short and concise. Make sure your product descriptions match the tone of your personality. does an excellent job of communicating it's simple and sassy yet fun personality.

4). Product descriptions should be fewer than 200 words, contain bullets, and show a lot of white space to make them easy to scan. Make sure they are unique, too so Google doesn't penalize your site for duplicate content.

5). Focus on the benefits of what you're selling. Help your customer envision how he/she would feel and look wearing that garment or pair of shoes.

6). Use language that helps explain the product since the customer can't feel it. How does it look and feel? What's the material and texture? What styling tips can you offer?

7). Stay apprised of new trends so you can incorporate seasonal copy into your website.

Some of the other best fashion and beauty brands and retailers that nail their voice in their web copy are,, and Check them out if you need inspiration.

What are some of your best copy conversion tips and and tricks?