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How to Build a Media Kit that Generates Results for Your Business

In today's highly-digital marketing environment, it’s easy to forget about traditional media relations materials like the "media kit".  

So in this article, I want to take a step back and review the items to include in your media kit as well as tell you how this promotional material can help get your brand more media coverage and build your authority as an expert within your industry.

What is a media kit?

A media kit (or press kit) is a comprehensive package of promotional materials about you and your company, products, or services. It's usually sent out to members of the media when they request more information about your company.

What does it contain?

·      A press release on your company or latest collection/products/services (no more than 500 words or two pages including the boilerplate)

·      A bio of the company founder(s) (no more than 300 words)

·      A company backgrounder and fact sheet (one page)

·      High-resolution images, logo, and headshot(s)

·      Previous press coverage including articles, interviews, quotes, and other features (from the last year)

·      Testimonials from customers, press, or celebrities

·      Social media links

·      Contact information

A few tips to remember:

·      You might not need all of the components above.

·      Be comprehensive yet concise with all of the materials.

·      Keep it digital (unless a media outlet or buyer requests a hard copy).

·      Have one page on your website labeled "Media Kit" and make it downloadable.

If you need more information on what to include in your creative press kit or simply need a template, click here