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How to work with fashion bloggers

Every day, hundreds of emerging designers enter the fashion market due to: 1) low-cost manufacturing options; 2) freeways to reach customers; and 3) affordable e-commerce solutions such as and

However, with the growth of social media and the rising popularity of fashion bloggers, the digital ecosphere has become saturated and makes it more difficult for new brands to garner attention.

In the following section, we will discuss the best ways that new fashion brands can generate big PR.

1). Gifting bloggers - If you gift a blogger something and he/she loves what you gave, then he/she will probably cover it in an outfit post. However, it's important to note that most highly trafficked fashion blogs require sponsorships for guaranteed coverage.

Note - before you gift anything to a blogger, contact him/her to gauge his/her interest.

2). Sponsored posts - If you want to get guaranteed coverage on a fashion blog that generates millions of unique page views, then go for a sponsored post. This can help with your SEO and backlinks.

3). Giveaways - Giveaways are some of the best ways to increase awareness for your brand. Offer something with a high perceived value, otherwise, visitors won't take the time to enter. Just be aware that some fashion bloggers do charge a fee to hold a giveaway.

4). Guest posting - Certain fashion bloggers accept guest posts, which can help increase your SEO rankings and backlinks. While there's a time investment in writing the piece, the publicity and exposure are worth it.

5). Social media postings - Similar to giveaways or sponsored posts, social media posts are a great way to build brand awareness; however, you should know that most bloggers will charge for the coverage.

While the number of followers that someone has is important, engagement levels are much more important. Pay attention to the number of "likes" and "comments" each photo/post has. If a blogger has 100,000 followers on but only receives 20 likes or comments on each post, it's safe to say that those followers were bought; they are not real or organic followers.

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When it comes to being a successful brand or business today, it's critical you have basic online marketing skills. But with so many tools and platforms available, how do you know what skills will be most helpful? Here are the four top skills you should have to make your business a success.

1). Facebook Advertising - Having a branded page is no longer enough. If you'd like to generate interest, traffic, and even sales to your website, you should know how to create an ad, refine your target audience, and how to run split tests to determine which ad generates the best response.

As someone who uses advertising regularly for my own businesses as well as my clients' businesses, I can tell which ad/offer will perform the best after about 200 clicks (or $150.00 ad spend). This is a great marketing tactic for brands that are on a low budget.

2). Social Media Marketing - If you don't understand social media marketing and don't have a strategy in place for your brand or business, then it's going to be difficult for you to build your name.,, and accounts are must-haves for any visual business. Not only are they free to join, they're great ways to connect with prospective and existing customers, approach influencers, and increase search engine visibility.

3). Email Marketing - Although many marketing experts say email marketing is "dead", it's not. This strategy is an effective and low-cost way to generate additional revenue.

Running new promotions or product announcements is also a great way to stay in touch with your customers. You might also want to consider adding a "top tips" or editorial-like section to your emails. Check out the and email newsletters for ideas. Also, make sure your emails are optimized for smartphone and tablets.

4). Video - Video marketing has become a huge part of the digital space today. Brands such as and have mastered video marketing and you should too.

However, if you're a startup, then your brand most likely doesn't have the resources to allocate to commercial video production. Luckily, and allow you to create real videos from your smartphone. These platforms are perfect for behind-the-scenes runway shows and photo shoots.


SnapChat 101 for Startups and Small Businesses

SnapChat 101 for Startups and Small Businesses

Although the SnapChat app is generally thought to be a social platform made for fleeting moments, humor and irrelevant banter, this mobile app offers several marketing benefits for e-commerce brands, especially those in the fashion and beauty industry.  SnapChat can be used to interact with consumers in a creative, fun and unique way and the app’s instantaneous, in-the-moment features allow content to stay fresh and relevant. The following tips further elaborate on the advantage of utilizing SnapChat for marketing purposes.

1. The perks of a live feed. On SnapChat, users have the option of sending a normal “Snap,” or posting a “Snap Story,” both of which are captured in real time. A normal snap is a picture or video that is shared with one or more friends and can be viewed for up to 10 seconds before it disappears. Snap stories can be viewed by everyone, regardless of whether they are a user’s added friend or not, just the user’s friends, or a customized group of friends. Stories also last for 24 hours before they are automatically deleted.

One main perk of this live feed is that it provides followers with first-hand updates and news regarding the brand. This feature is particularly useful when a brand wants to create anticipation for product launches, collaborations or events. Consumers love getting an exclusive first look at what a brand has in store for them, especially in regards to fashion and beauty where trends and styles are changing frequently.

2. Keep it candid. One aspect of SnapChat that sets it apart from other social media platforms is that the content posted is meant to be candid or spur of the moment. Since users are unable to post Snaps of pictures or videos that are already stored in their phones, content shared on SnapChat is completely impromptu and authentic.

This kind of communication works because it makes followers feel as though they are getting a “behind the scenes,” look at the brand. It steers away from the formal, corporate content, which consumers are frequently given, and instead creates a very personable, conversational connection between the brand and its consumers.

3. Be creative. SnapChat offers a number of tools that allow users to really show off their creativity. With a selection of filters and features such as the “draw tool,” and the “sticker tool,” users have the ability to add unique, fun details to their Snaps. Brands can utilize these tools to differentiate themselves from other brands and make their content stand out.

4. Encourage engagement. SnapChat is one of the best platforms for establishing two-way communication between a brand and its consumers. Brands can encourage followers to send them Snaps for a chance to win discounts, contests, giveaways or other perks. Not only will this tactic keep followers engaged, but measuring the level of activity and participation can also provide insight into how well a campaign is going.