Thinking About Starting a Business? Ask Yourself these Questions First

It doesn’t matter if you’re launching an online store, a footwear collection, or a new beauty blog, you need to have a marketing plan. Your marketing plan will serve as a blueprint for your business and help navigate those tough times.

Here are the top questions I ask when I put together a marketing plan for a client or one of my own businesses.

1). Determine what makes your company or brand unique. Why should someone pay attention to your business when you are competing with thousands of other businesses? How will you differentiate your business?

2). Figure out what you want to achieve. Is it to get into retail stores? Grow your email list? Increase website traffic? Attract media attention or investors?

3). Define your targets. Who are your audiences? Why should they care? What do you want to tell them?

4). Where do your audiences hang out and how will you reach them? Publicity, social media, email marketing, Facebook advertising, television advertisements, etc.?

5). How much money can you spend to achieve your goal?  How will you measure the return on investment?

6). How do you plan to measure the success of your marketing efforts? What tools do you need?

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Kristin Marquet