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Simple Steps For Hiring An Employee



Hiring a new employee for your business is always a challenge. It is important for you to consider a lot of different factors when hiring someone to join your team, and there are many steps to take for a successful hire. Today, we are going to run through the simple steps you should take to hire a new employee this year. 

Step 1 -  Job Description

The first step to take towards hiring an employee should be writing a job description. A job description is the advertorial feature of your listing, and in order for it to capture the attention of job seekers, it needs to be AMAZING. 

There are many elements you need to add to your listing:

• Key responsibilities

• Company background and ethos (define the atmosphere of the workplace)

• Salary and Benefits

• Minimum Requirements 

When creating a job spec, you should always add the salary because this is a huge draw for job seekers. Money is always the most crucial aspect of job hunting and if you offer a great wage and benefits, you should show this off to draw people in. 

Step 2 - Spread the Word 

Once you have created a killer job description, you need to share this with the world and start drawing in potential employees. There are several ways you can share a new job title, and using more than one channel is always a good choice because you will be able to gather a wider net of possibilities. You can share a listing with an agency, on your website, on LinkedIn, through social media, and even at a job fair. The wider you cast your net, the more likely you are to hire a prize-winning tuna. Weird analogy aside: share your job as many ways as possible. 

Step 3 –Prepare for Interview 

If you have never given an interview before, this part of the hiring process might be a bit of a challenge. Interviews are often the most daunting part of job hunting and many candidates will be nervous when they enter the room.

As an employer, it is a good idea for you to make the candidate feel at ease. Sit at a table or with a coffee on the sofa of your office and have a chat with the candidate. As well as asking them questions about their experience and background, try to find out a few things about them as a person. For example, ask the candidate if they have any hobbies, and when they share a hobby with you it will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of who they are as a person.

An employee needs to be a rounded package of friendly, personable, and talented. Their personality and ability to fit in with your team is just as important as their skills and experience. 

Step 4 -  Pre-Employment Screening

Before hiring an employee, background checks are a must. Once you have employed a new member of the team, they will have access to your business assets including the computer network and all of your data. If you make a call without a background check, you are at risk of hiring someone who can’t be trusted and this is a huge risk to your business. This is why it is a good idea for you to click here for background checks on employees before you hire them. You will be able to check for a myriad of things and ensure that the employee is safe for work.