Mindfulness For The Entrepreneur

When you’re responsible for everything within your business, and there are a million and one responsibilities on your shoulders, there is a certain amount of stress that comes with the territory. But if you’re working with a glass half empty view, you’re really not going to be getting the best out of the time you spend working. It’s essential to take care of yourself first, and then your business will thrive naturally.


Photo by Martin Dawson on Unsplash

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is basically the art of being mindful, present in the moment, and sometimes even being in a meditative state. Small doses of mindfulness can have huge benefits, and there are plenty of studies that show that mindfulness improves your mental health, if practiced regularly, it can even lower your blood pressure. 

So how can you add mindfulness to your day without spending a lot of time that you really don’t have? 

Wake up and meditate

When you wake up, the first thing to do is NOT pick up your phone and check your emails. It’s tempting, but leave the phone out of reach, meditate for a little while and clear your mind. Starting the day in a calm, relaxed, and peaceful state will guarantee you an excellent start to the day!

When it comes to when exactly you can use mindfulness during your morning routine brushing your teeth is a good start. You can count while brushing, clear your mind, focus on the minute details, and think about nothing else. See? It doesn’t even need to take you extra time, just focus on what you’re doing and you’ll have some more space in your mind for the rest of the day’s activities. 

One step at a time

It’s advisable to start the whole mindfulness journey a small step at a time. Take the pressure off yourself at first, and if you find it tricky to focus to begin with, that’s normal. The beauty of mindfulness is that you can practice at your own speed and in your own time; there are apps you can get that will help you build-up to the right level for you, so utilise them and start benefiting from the many positives this practice will bring to your personal and working life!

Make space

Once you’ve started adding mindfulness into your day in small doses, you will start considering a regular time to sit and practice mindfulness. Maybe leave the office behind with yourvirtualofficelondon.co.uk virtual office address, and go for a walk once a week?

Take a co-worker or friend with you and work on being mindful together, breathing techniques and ensuring you work towards clearing your mind will give you much more space and time to build your business. 

That’s it, there’s not a lot more to it than taking a little time and learning some simple techniques, just a small act which will have fantastic results on your overall happiness and success! Don’t forget that when you find yourself a little more stressed than usual mindfulness is always an option, take five minutes and reset yourself, any time of the day!

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