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How Constructing A Capsule Wardrobe Can Seriously Boost Your Productivity

It’s no secret that minimalism in all forms can help you to boost your productivity. If you’re looking to get more done every day and stop wasting so much of your precious energy on making decisions that don’t matter all that much, then you might want to make a few changes to the way you’re living now. One thing you can specifically do to boost your productivity is create a capsule wardrobe. 

If you consider how much time you spend choosing outfits, you might come to the conclusion that constructing a capsule wardrobe is a great idea. After all, choosing an outfit can be difficult, and it takes a lot of energy on making decisions that could probably be better spent elsewhere. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of creating a capsule wardrobe:

  • Make fewer choices and save time

  • More energy to tackle what’s important 

  • Save money because you’re no longer spending money on clothes you hardly wear

  • Because you’re buying fewer items, you can afford to spend a bit more on higher quality pieces that will stand the test of time 

  • More confidence in your look as you look more ‘put together’

  • Find your personal style 

  • Less physical clutter = less mental clutter 

It’s also worth mentioning how some of the most successful people in the world very rarely go all out with their outfits. People like Mark Zuckerburg, for example, can be found wearing the same t-shirt and jeans most days. They know that their mental energy is valuable, and they don’t want to spend much of it deciding on what to wear. 

Now that you know how constructing a capsule wardrobe can help you, let’s take a look at how you can create your own. 

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Figure Out What Matters To You

Make sure you know what matters to you before you start your capsule wardrobe. You can find all kinds of lists out there to help you, but it only matters what you want to include. Have a good idea of your color palette and the shapes that best suit you before you begin. 


Get rid of things you haven’t worn for a while. You don’t have to completely clear out your wardrobe, as long as you wear and love the items you keep. 

Only Buy High Quality 

Only buy high quality items and avoid things like counterfeit handbags if you want your wardrobe to have longevity. As you’ll be buying less, you can afford to spend a little more. 

Only Buy Things You Truly Love

Don’t buy anything for the sake of it. You should really love everything you buy! 

Only Buy Items If You Can Mix And Match Them With Multiple Items 

You should only buy and include an item if you know you’ll be able to wear it with multiple items. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is that you can mix and match to your heart’s content! 

How Many Items Should You Include?

Some people recommend as few as 10, while  others will suggest as many as 50. Ultimately it’s up to you, but you need to make sure you don’t defeat the purpose!

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