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Why You Should Add Beauty To The Workplace

Photo Credit:   Chimene Gaspar    from    Pixabay

Photo Credit: Chimene Gaspar from Pixabay

When people talk about adding beauty to the workplace, they are often referring to the old fashioned views of women wearing lipstick and high heels in the office to make it a beautiful environment. However, while you can dress however you want (within reason) in the workplace adding beauty to the office and to your work can mean something totally different and rather than being for sexist reasons there are many other reasons why you should add beauty to everything you do. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes - in people or in offices, beauty has changed throughout time, various cultures and the vast different perceptions of the world and it has been defined in so many ways. 

Think about it, the average full-time employee works forty hours per week which is nearly a quarter of their time, so it’s important that their place of work should be an inspiring and pleasant environment to be in. According to the American Society of Interior Designers employees who like their office environment were 31% more likely to be satisfied in their job.

A similar study by Metro Design showed that of 100 employees “almost half (49%) said that an office makeover would increase their productivity and more than half thought a better working environment would make them more organized and enable greater job satisfaction. 

If that’s not enough of a reason to make the office look beautiful, then it’s a good job, there are more. Adding some greenery to the office not only makes it look beautiful but it can make your office cooler, make your employees more relaxed if there are surrounded by beautiful plants, show that you are an eco-friendly organization and having indoor plants is also really good for yours and your employee's health. Plants are great for maintaining air quality, and they also add an organic element to your decor. 

Adding some color to your office not only makes it less clinical and boring but also enhances and complements your brand which will make a good impression to any clients but also remind your employees of your brand and the common goal you are all working toward - even if it is subliminal. Additionally, if the walls and ceilings of your workplace are just plain, it shows that your office has no creativity, so try to decorate these as much as possible. 

It’s not just about colors either, having a beautiful and spacious layout is very important as it affects how your employees interact with each other. A large open plan office is great for communication and interaction. Lighting is another important consideration; large windows let in lots of natural daylight and are preferable to tiny windows that look out onto brick walls. 

While you also want your employees to stay on brand when it comes to presentations and work, it is also important to give them the tools to get creative and add beauty to their work. Give them access to the presentation software that is used by innovators, the design tools that big brands use, teach them how to use it and you’ll have a workforce full of creative and skilled employees who can add beauty everywhere they go. 

Having an attractive office will also mean you will attract better and more talent when recruiting. Workers want an up-to-date office design, so if you put yourself in the shoes of the talent, imagine walking into an office with dull colors and poor lighting - will this look like fun and attractive place to work. You don’t have to break the bank and invest in high-end furniture. 

Beauty can also come in the form of having a healthy workplace, for example creating a healthy snack bar in your office stocked with some of your favorite items to eat, including mixed nuts, protein bars, and fresh fruit. Having good coffee in the kitchen and nice mugs and plates for everyone makes all the difference. All these things help to elevate peoples’ moods and help them to concentrate. These little touches can turn an ordinary workspace into an extraordinary workspace.

Once you have a beautiful setting, then it’s also important for both you and your employees to add beauty, personality, and their own stamp to their own space. Let your employees turn their workspace into an area where they want to work. Allow them to move around the items on their desk to suit them, bring in a fan, or a lamp or photos if it makes them feel comfortable and makes them work better in a pleasant working environment. This can really make a difference to your employees’ morale and help to increase job satisfaction and productivity making for a more successful, happier business.

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