So you’ve finally launched your business, you’re generating some revenue, and the days of bootstrapping from your parent’s basement are over. You have a part-time assistant and an office or brick-and-mortar-space. You’ve got a nice little operating moving along.

But you realize that something just isn’t right because when you get a few new sales or clients, your business starts to stall or maybe even falter.

As you expand your product or service base, you feel as if you’re the only one supporting and managing the entire operation. This can make you feel like a one-person show again, and that every step forward you take, the more overwhelmed you get.

So many entrepreneurs have the desire to grow from a one-person shop to a full-service company. However, before that happens, you have to make sure the company has enough support for you to step away for more than a day and know that it will run like a well-oiled machine.

But so many times, this doesn’t happen because the right systems and procedures are not in place.

To help make sure you get the right systems in place, we’ve pulled together the top processes your business needs to run efficiently.