7 Tools To Help Your Business


Image by Loya Liu from Pixabay

Today, there are many tech tools and software programs that you can buy or download to make your business more efficient and productive; software available to make your everyday work processes faster, more straightforward; and everyone will be able to accomplish more with less. However, with so many choice out there, it is difficult to know which ones are right for you and your business.

If you're not comfortable with technology, then the whole process can be overwhelming and cause you to worry about how you will utilize these platforms and train your employees on them. Many people often decide that it's more trouble than it's worth and stick to what they know, what's comfortable but essentially outdated ways of doing things which take far more time and effort. 

There are certain technologies and systems that you and your employees will use in your personal lives; some companies have come up with business versions of your employees' favorite systems. Choosing these makes day-to-day work life easier for everyone because if your employees are comfortable and familiar with the systems they are using, then it will increase overall productivity and output. 

If you don't provide your employees with tools that they feel comfortable with to help them do their jobs, then they will find other ways of doing things. This could mean they end up purchasing their own technology and while this does show initiative and commitment to the role, it can also lead to your team using a whole host of different solutions across which could hamper their ability to work together. It's important to look at incorporating the solutions that your employees, clients, and partners, either already use or can quickly learn to use, which makes collaborating that much easier.

Every business is different, and its needs are unique, so it's important to look at all the options, and which are the best user-friendly tech tools for you?

Enterprise Mobile Application 

When employees want to use their own personal mobile devices for work and access applications and company data, this is where Enterprise Mobile Application comes in. It means that all your employees can have simplified access to the same applications as everyone else in the company, which enables consistency between devices but still allows employees to have the personalized mobile experience that they are used to which will increase efficiency in the workplace and reduce costs spent on company devices. 


Trello is a well known, user-friendly, and free project management tool. It is very visual, easy to navigate and it simplifies tasks. So if you're not already using a project management tool, or you don't think you need one, it is worth giving it a go as it could really help you and make your working day far more efficient as it lets you create a system to manage your tasks and really is a time saver and a great way to organize and manage your work and your employees' work. 


Buffer is a social media management tool which allows you to manage multiple social media accounts at once. So, whatever industry you're in - whether it's marketing and comms and you're managing other people's social media or even if you're just managing your own for your business, then it's a handy tool to have.

Managing your own Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram profiles can be time-consuming and can get pushed to the bottom of the pile. However, a social media management tool can really help you; it enables you to schedule posts ahead of time, have access to useful insights to show you how your posts are performing. It can also free up time for you as you can post several posts out in one go.

There is a free version of Buffer, but it has its limitations, so it is worth trying it first and then upgrading and paying for more features if it works for you. Buffer's blog is also excellent and an excellent resource which can help you learn a lot about your social media strategy.


Slack is not only one of the largest and fastest-growing companies, but it is a great tech tool for internal communications within your company. Slack allows teams to create specific channels of conversations, video conferences, and you can also create alerts for particular objectives. A platform such as this can be advantageous with our ever flexible working lives as people can work from home and work at different times. Having somewhere where staff can coordinate online is useful and can be extremely productive for your company.


Even though you want your expenses back, it can be a dreaded task each month to collect your receipts, make sure you have them all, and fill in those expenses forms. So, if you're not using Expensify, you should be. Expensify is a handy tool that keeps track of business expenses, receipts, reimbursements, and business purchases. It makes all of this more manageable for employees, managers, and the finance team too as it allows you to upload images of receipts and submit purchases for approval right from your phone. 

Lion Desk

Customer relationship software, or CRM, is a big business as companies need tools that help them manage their contacts, know who has ordered what, and generate leads. Liondesk is a CRM provider that takes an explicitly sales-based approach and is aims to help real estate agents achieve more sales and generate more leads. The company's mission statement includes the phrase "close more sales," and the company claims that it is continually innovating and looking for new ways to free up employee time and make sensible predictions about which customers are ready for a new sale, and which aren't.


SalesForce is another popular sales tool and essential if you are working in sales. It is a Customer Relationship Management platform which you can set up and manage yourself. It also offers numerous cloud services, integrations with other programs and APIs, and they continue to acquire other companies that will enhance their software further. Salesforce, on the whole, enables you to organize better and to see the bigger picture of your sales funnels and pipeline and Sales teams can use Salesforce to do everything from managing their leads, tracking opportunities created, sales funnels, reports, sales conversations.

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