Q&A with Coach & Entrepreneur, Leila Khan

Leila Khan

Happy Independence Day weekend.

I had a chance to interview coach and entrepreneur, Leila Khan of the LifeisTodayAcademy.com, and here's what she had to say. 


Please tell our readers about your background. 

My professional background is in teaching French and Spanish to secondary students. I have always followed my heart to become a teacher and whilst the passing never left me, I felt frustrated with the 'invisible glass ceiling' and stereotypes about who could become a head teacher. I wanted to be free to be creative, innovative, and aspire to break through the glass ceiling. After all, that is what I was teaching my children to do.

Why did you start your business?

I left teaching after my marriage broke down, and I wanted a fresh start. After taking the time to heal, I followed my heart again and was nudged to take my passion for positive psychology further and retrained as Master Practitioner of NLP. I set up my company to work with like-minded women who knew they had potential but didn't know how to harness the tools of their inner potential.

What market does your business serve? 

My business serves women who are aspiring entrepreneurs or newbies. They are go-getters and aspire to be great examples to their families and friends. However, they want to remain authentic and find ways to combine intuition with logic.

What's the largest challenge you've encountered as a business owner? 

The largest obstacle I faced as an entrepreneur was building a platform of authority and credibility. These were both important to me as I was aware that in order to have the kind of impact I wanted to have, then I must be considered an authority. This was why I wrote books. I also found the challenge of becoming a learner very interesting. I completely zoned in and focused on learning everything I possibly could to become the best coach in my field and businesswoman. I found some novel ways to make the most of my time, such as getting rid of my television and minimizing socializing - just for a short while!

What's your best piece of business advice? 

My best piece of advice is 'follow your heart and act on your hunches'. As women, we have intuitive skills and instead of denying them, we can actually use them to our advantage. Everything I create is aligned to my inner heart's desires and life's purpose and I wouldn't have it any other way!

How do you like to relax? 

I love spending a day chilling out with my crochet needle creating blankets, as well as kickboxing, dancing, and going to the gym to clear any built-up negative energy. Not all at the same time! I also love to spend time with friends and family.

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