Starting the New Year Right: New PR Masterclass Starting December 4th

New PR Masterclass Starting December 4th

If you're like most entrepreneurs, then you're looking to start the year off on the right foot. But with all of the new courses, tools, and resources available now and those that'll be released soon, how can you choose the right ones for your business? It can seem like an impossible task! 

But don't fret! We have the perfect solution.

After a handful of readers and subscribers requested we create an interactive PR program that could be completed in a few weeks and implemented very quickly, we created the Pronto PR masterclass. 

Pronto PR is a quick three-week masterclass where you'll learn:

  • How to craft a newsworthy story to become a respected expert and authority in your industry

  • Have your name become well-known in your industry and become the go-to source for all sorts of media

  • Get more traffic, email subscribers, and leads from your articles, interviews, and quotes

  • See your name or business on websites like,, and and in print magazines and newspapers like Forbes, Marie Claire, and Wall Street Journal

  • Get your products featured in holiday gift guides

How it works: 

Once you secure your spot, you'll get:

  • 3 live video courses that are one hour long each (don’t worry, you can watch the replays if you can’t catch the live videos)

  • 1 (30-minute) 1:1 (Skype) call with me to review with your PR messaging, strategy, and pitches

  • 6 real pitch examples from Creative Development Agency

  • The PR plan that we use for all of our clients at Creative Development Agency

  • Downloadable press release templates you can use to customize your own business, brand or blog

  • And more!

We just opened very limited enrollment today to 20 students. Please note, we're only accepting 20 people into the program due to the intense attention each student receives. 

Classes begin on December 4th and wrap up on December 22nd. Reserve your spot here today!

Shoot us an email to with any questions.