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Freelance Jobs - September 12, 2017

Freelance Job Opportunities

We've decided to launch a weekly column where we will share the newest freelance jobs for those who are looking to start a side hustle or make their side hustles full time. We've curated these opportunities from some of today's most well-known job boards.  Good luck! 

Content Writing and Blogging Opportunities

  1. Television Writers at Elite Daily

  2. Gaming Writers

  3. SEO Content Creator and Blogger

Copywriting Opportunities

  1. Social Media Copywriter

Proofreading and Editing Opportunities

  1. Book Editor (Canada)

  2. Proofreader for a 48,000-word Manuscript (Canada)

  3. Short-term Proofreader – Silicon Valley Business Journal (Onsite in California)

  4. Writer/Editor for Light Fiction Project (Los Angeles)

Journalism Opportunities

  1. Weekend Web Editor – (Washington DC)

  2. Part-time Progressive News Writer – (New York, NY)

  3. Hub Writer - Voice of America (Washington DC)

  4. Stock Market Reporters and Editors (Freelance)

Additional Freelance Opportunities

  1. Data Analytics in Practice Course Writer – A Pass Educational Group, LLC

  2. Freelance Celebrity Writer (Los Angeles)

  3. Freelancers Only (No Companies) Screenplay Writers (New York City)

Internship Opportunities

  1. Marketing Intern for LiveIt-Marketing (New York City)

  2. True Urban Magazine - Journalism Interns (New York City)