Let This Plumber's Story Inspire Your NonProfit Growth

Nonprofits hold a tricky position in the business world. They are necessary as they support those who are struggling to cope emotionally, physically, financially, etc., whether they are people, animals or even vegetals – as it can be the case for a nonprofit business dedicated to saving trees. However, because they are business entities that are not making a financial profit, their growth potential is often limited. Regardless of how necessary they are, nonprofits find it difficult to kickstart their growth journey. In fact, many of them are forced to shut down when they can’t support their activities any longer. 

A British nonprofit plumbing company has made the news recently by bringing customer care to an entirely new level when plumber James Anderson stated on his receipt that an elderly lady would not be charged for his work under any circumstances. While the plumber has had difficulties making ends meet – his business owes just under £8,000, which is about $10,000 – in times of need, his selfless ethos remains a constant.

Since the newspapers reported on his free receipt, he’s received countless support from local plumbers and people who are willing to help, but also from international companies who are interested in creating a similar nonprofit structure. 

If you’re running a nonprofit company, it’s fair to say that all the attention you can get is beneficial. However, if you’re going to make growth a priority, improving your strategy is crucial to achieve your mission and, hopefully, attract the attention of a journalist in the process!


Pixabay - CC0 License 

Can nonprofits boost their local brand awareness?

There are thousands of nonprofit organization in any given locations. However, more often than not, the local community isn’t aware of their existence and services. The first strategic step you need to take is to build a partnership with your community. Indeed, putting your organization at the heart of the community’s life can make a significant difference in boosting your reputation and brand. Ideally, you want to approach the possibility of a partnership with the community leaders. You can introduce your services and mission and discuss with them how you can best serve their unmet needs. 

Are international projects an option?

As the British plumber from our story discovered, unmet needs exist not only in local communities but also all around the world. While it might not be meaningful for your nonprofit organization to travel internationally, you can certainly connect to like-minded businesses who share your mission and interests.

Using remote technologies such as Vision Communications, for instance, to enable voice and audio-video solutions from one country to another, you can create a space to share knowledge and case studies. When you aim to help others, there’s no better support than connecting with international nonprofits to design cost-effective solutions together. 

Help people help you

Your organization relies on the generosity of the audience to provide services and support to those who need it. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not sure how they could best help you to fulfill your mission. You can use your website to advertise potential positions at a one-off basis or permanently, for instance.

Additionally, you can also create a page that lists out the equipment and materials you require in your day-to-day work, as accepting donations in kind could be a life-changer. Finally, don’t forget to create a donation page on your favorite crowdfunding platform. GoFundMe is a popular choice for charities registered in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. However, there’s a processing fee for donation made in US dollars. 

Stop wasting time and money through disorganized business

Nonprofits often struggle with management issues. Indeed, they have a bad rep for being disorganized, which is a direct consequence of their mission. Everybody in the organization is dedicated to helping people, animals, etc. As a result, your team is less likely to keep track of necessary business processes. The first rule of a successful mission is to manage your financial reports and statement closely, as it can avoid a lot of tax headaches! 

You still need a strategy

Last but not least, even charities are businesses, and as such, they need a strategy to plan their expansion. Even if you have no intention of making money, planning your growth can help you to become more relevant to your community. Growth can come in many shapes and forms, such as offering new services, hiring more people, or boosting donation for your nonprofit. Without a strategy, your organization is effectively a headless chicken running in circles. 

Growth for nonprofit is not an impossible dream. However, when growth is not related to your revenues, you need to be smart to maximize your presence and brand awareness to create a buzz around your services. Additionally, streamlining your processes can give you the boost you need to provide better help.