The Importance Of Visual Communication In Business


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

In today's competitive business climate, it can seem almost impossible to stand out from the crowd. But someone's got to grab the attention of those customers and get them to part with their cash, so why can't it be you and your business? It may as well be.

To cut through the clutter and get people to stand up and pay attention to you and your company, you need to be using visual communication. 

Effective visual communication is more than just a photograph with a catchy headline, a video with graphics, or an impressive convention display. Visual communications can become a powerful tool in meeting your sales and marketing objectives, whether that's communicating to customers about how your product or service works or how it may integrate with their existing business environment. A functional diagram or chart can help to depict processes and eliminate customer confusion. Visual communications examples include demonstrating products or services, illustrating product integrations, highlight features, and benefits, and explaining a buying process. 

Internally, teams can create visual process charting techniques, decision mapping diagrams, or organization charts that communicate responsibilities and collaboration potential for groups. Examples of internal visual communications include organization charts, new product development roadmaps, business process documentation, lead generation process, managing inbound marketing campaigns, and production workflows. While these are all important, there are more reasons you need to be visually communicating to your customers to make your business a success:

To Get Attention 

Visuals get people to stop in their tracks, and they are more likely to look at your content if there are pictures and colors rather than a load of text. People stay on the page longer when there are more photos because they want to see what photo will come next. More so, the video will grab their attention. According to a study from HubSpot, 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day, and by 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. These stats are pretty impressive. And if you're not on board with video yet for your business, then now is the time you need to start. 

Video is the future, and while you might have been busy making sure you're on the first page of Google, you might have missed the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. People use Youtube a lot for online tutorials or educational style videos as one of the biggest things that people search is "how-to," so if this is something you can capitalize on in your business, then you really should be making the most of it and getting a slice of the action.

If you add visual communication in the form of video to your website, you will increase your search rankings massively on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Having video will also make your website fifty times more likely to appear on the first page of search results.

As well as these figures, 40% of consumers have also said that seeing a video on a website increases the chance that they will purchase a product on their mobile, whereas website visitors are 64% more likely to buy after watching a video on a website. But if you can't manage videos right now, anything with a visual component will get you more clicks, and more clicks equal more revenue. 

To Make Your Business Look Good

Your visuals represent your business, so it's essential to pick visual content that conveys the brand image you want. Nearly half of consumers consider a website's design to be the top criterion for discerning the credibility of a company; people are drawn to web content that's more visually appealing because it seems like higher quality. 

It's Easier For Customers

Because we have more information to digest today than ever before, people always look for tools to help increase processing efficiency. In other words, since there is so much content vying for our attention and time, we have to find ways to digest it faster than ever before. We respond to visual content better, and it's estimated that 90% of the information that travels to the brain is visual, and we process these visuals 60,000 times faster than we process text.

You Can Share It On Social Media

Most people today like to use social media sites and with a vast audience on each platform, scrolling through and looking for engaging content, visual content is essential for your business.

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